About Project

SnapRating - The Application designed for any industry that needs instant feedback from their customers  about their experience. SnapRating captured the two things customers care about the most - The quality of the service and the quality of the product.

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SnapRating asks your customers three key questions, these can be tailored to your requirements to suit the way your business is run.


Live Results

Integration with popular cloud-based services such as Google Docs allows live survey results to be pushed to a spreadsheet.


Secret Gesture Lock

We use a secret gesture lock to prevent customers leaving survey mode before answering questions.


    * "Google Apps" (Spreadsheet Integration) "real-time results"
    * Email Results
    * Responses will be saved locally when no data connection is active
    * Customizable Questions
    * Intuitive interface with detailed help
    * Secret Survey exit preventing reviewers to accidentally leave survey. 
    * Automated and fast
    * All iPad generations supported