Security Consulting

We offer services in different domains of security. If you need to protect your customer data, protect your own privacy or property. Blueteq offers a range of solutions that can be tailored to your needs. We have long standing track record in incident response and security reconnaissance work. 


Cloud and Application Security

Your web application or website is the showcase of your business, you could be accepting online payments. Even just capturing customer data could lead to legal action when these systems are compromised. 

We offer a vulnerability assessments and produce a detailed report on the state of your Website and Hosting. Testing is non invasive resulting in low impact to your online presence. We provide a report that will highlight key high risk areas and recommendations. 

  • Compliance Testing, we will test against all major standards out there for example PCI DSS.
  • Sensitive content auditing: PII (credit card numbers, SSNs) and intellectual property
  • Vulnerability scanning for all platforms
  • Web applications, commerce and any hosted solution
  • Compromise detection: Viruses, malware, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, web services linking to malicious content


Network based surveillance solutions are now the default solution for any kind of surveillance. We offer the complete range of Synology Surveillance solutions. IP Cameras are connected to a data network feeding realtime recording to network attached storage. We offer hardware from AXIS, Canon and ACTi Cameras. 

Network Video Recording features:

  • Recording Modes, Manual, Continuous, Alarm, Edge Recording and event linking
  • Smart Search in Archived Recordings: Motion Detection, Missing Object Search, Foreign Object detection, Camera Occlusion, Focus Lost and support for No-Idle Zones
  • Central Management Solutions for Large Scale Deployments
  • Recording Playback: Image Enhancements, Time Slicing, Frame-by-Frame playback, Sync Mode
Spy Satellite


Incident Response and Reconnaissance Work

If you are concerned that your systems or website might have been compromised, we can investigate and provide detailed reports on what happened. Using specialised in house and commercial products to analyze and reconstruct possible breaches. 

We have established a tried and tested procedure to capture information and review the findings.