About Project

We are coffee drinkers who have worked in places where good coffee was in short supply and took a long time to buy. We needed a way to make our coffee trips more efficient. This showed us there was a need for NeverQue, time went by and we were asked to rebuild a point of sale system for a very busy Café. We decided to start with the coffee ordering process and NeverQue was born. NeverQue is a web application which can be run on any internet connected device. Everything works the same when it comes to the purchasing process at your desired venue, you just don't have to queue anymore.  The application is easy to use and quick to install. No app store ID required as long as your device can access the internet. At this point in time, the framework is simple, but as we roll out to additional venues we will be adding in lots of new features.

For more information on using NeverQue or signing up as retailer please contact us




We wanted the design to be as clean as possible and still provide all of the options you require to order your product. In addition to the visual design aspects we also try to ensure that the application uses very few resources.


We only keep basic contact information, nothing your mailman or friends don't already know. You only need your name, phone number, email address and home address to register.


Once you have completed the registration process on your first order, the next will only take two taps to order your standard saved order. 


All revenue will be pushed back into developing the application and the running cost of the servers. We want to push new features frequently and remove those features that our users don't use. 


We want to continue to build NeverQue, expand on features and eventually have native IOS & Android Applications. And if demand is there, Windows Mobile. 


Listen to our users, we want you to guide us in building NeverQue. NeverQue must remain open to run on multiple devices and platforms and keep all of your information secure.