Managed Information Services

We can assist in day to day management of your information systems. Working with existing clients across different industries, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Government. Our services are tailored for each customer. 

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Support Agreements

We offer a wide variety of support services, every organization need some basic support if internal resources are not a good fit. We aim to deliver a solution that will continue to improve your systems. We do not believe in maintaining what you have and replace parts when they break. With cost effective ways the systems can be improved and grow. Basic services include:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning. Once engaged we will assess how systems are backed up and restored. Deliver a plan on how to improve backups to ensure smooth recovery can be done no matter what the incident. 
  • Real Time Network and Systems Monitoring, we install hardware on premise that will monitor activity and uptime. Anonymous and security we can notify you before you realized a system has failed or about to fail. 
  • Standard Helpdesk included, with Business Hours and after hour support solutions
  • On-site attendance and remote support to ensure systems are always running
  • Vendor relationships can be managed by us, buying new software or hardware can be trying, we will ensure everything goes well. And more importantly the solution integrate with existing systems and is the correct way forward. 

Consulting Services

We consult in areas of systems architecture and design. Ensuring investments made are scalable and longterm the right decision for your company.