The Terrible VW Agents

VW Golf Possibly the best car I have ever had.

Problem I have with them are the VW agents that service the vehicle.

Specially the one agent I have been loyal too since 2006 when I bought my Golf from them.

Barlow World Mentone.

Apologies for the international readers, this is a local Melbourne Story. As I take pride in my car I have it service on time and every time by the agent. To ensure it get the best treatment.

They had a change of management in the service department. And as with any new management, especially bad management people leave. Nick use to be my Go To guy at Barlow World, he did everything for me. Discounts on every service, free light bulb replacements etc… (The VW Golf 5 got an issue with tail lights going)

With Nick gone so did my discounts, however even though I appreciated the discount, the service is gone too. They employed someone to deal with clients, not very friendly and have no idea to manage an upset client.

The thing that got me sour was that they completely overcharged me for my last service and then had the audacity to tell me I have to pay $1000.00 to replace my breaks. ($950, and this does include the disks). Which is definitely above market rates. With the brakes it would of pushed my service to over $1500.00. The best thing is this would be my 3rd service with them which is above $1500.00! Every time they have something extra to do on the car.

I called other agents to confirm the costs of a standard service, and on par it was +/- $100 cheaper than these guys. And 300% more help full.

To make things right and let them know this was my experience, I called them.

Asking for the Service Manager I was place on hold for at least 120 sec, then finally went back to reception and asked for just the Service department. Then I spoke to the Service Booking team, the person immediately noticed that I am not happy and said hang on for the Service Manager. Before I can tell he that he is not there, the put me through to some voicemail system.

I have decided I will now tell everyone I know to NEVER EVER use these guys. I will not service my car there ever again.

Image courtesy  of the Barloworld website.