The Tea Lady

Quick Post: I went into T2 a local tea shop in Chadstone Shopping Mall. I am experimenting with different tea’s. Tea is the new coffee when it comes to the twitterati. So we don’t have a decent teapot, and I have spent good money on pots and they all perform pretty average. Some drip, others strain only when the pot is filled to the brim with hot water. I decided to spend a little more and buy something worth while, and who better to ask than “THE” tea store in Australia. Well the response was shocking, not really, people employ people that only think of their paycheck and not the interests of the owner or the store. It was just a bland response of: “All teapots are the same” I tried to reprhase my question with some problems I have had in the past, barely a “Uhmm…” out of my mouth, “NO, All pots will make tea!” I politely thanked her and walked out with my money in my pocket to spend elsewhere. Thanks T2.