The Rainforest Lodge

I had to fly to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia to help a client with some computer stuff. We were in luck,  at the same time we managed to book our flights another friend also living there wanted someone to house sit for them. We could not say no, free accommodation. The only problem was that we had to be out of their house two nights before we fly back, so we booked in at the Tanglewood Gardens Rain forest Retreat.

Three days before I filled out a booking request form on their website to confirm that they have a vacancy in one of the Garden Units. I only received a phone call hours before we had to check in. In the meantime we were asked to stay another night at our friends place, so we only needed one night of accommodation before we had to come back to Melbourne. I politely acknowledged that I have sent the request and I needed to know earlier if they had a vacancy and if we can stay the following night. She agreed and we were booked.

Running into some problems we only arrived late that evening to check in. I called in advance to let them know, they had no problem with the late check in. When we got to our room you could smell the room deodorizer from the little dam about 30 meters away. First I thought it was just sprayed before we got there. It was one of those electrical ones, imidiatly turned it of. The smell hanged in the air for another hour or more. Soon after we got out suitcases in the room my wife found something wet on her arm. After closer investigation and with shock we discovered it was a leech sucking away … we pulled it of and got it outside.

By now our mood was not as happy as before, we then realized that the deodorizer was installed to hide the smell of the mold. There were dead bugs everywhere, while my wife took a shower I had to clear off the bed so we can get in it without eating bugs during our sleep. Dust everywhere, the room was clearly not prepared for us except for the reloading of the deodorizer.

I know the whole experiance was mostly my own fault, we should of left.

They were not all bad, the husband and wife treated us well. They were civil and offered us fresh milk for the room as we got in late. We got the room below the advetised price. At one stage I told my wife it’s like going on holiday with my gandparents, the styling was so 70’s. It must of been a great place back then, 5 star for sure.