The Nixon Experience

Another good story, I guess it’s to do with the season! About 4 Months ago I was given a Nixon watch as a gift. I know Nixon to be a watch company that started in 1997 to manufacture a line of Skate, Surf & Snow (SSS) watches. The watch is built solid and the model is: The Venture (See Link).  Not many bells & whistles the only extra feature is the backlight which is activated by a button, in my opinion does not stay on long enough after the button is released. You need to be a quick time reader or hold the button.

Well what happened was the watch was the last one on the shelf, with this “privilege” of getting the last one available the giver and I had to accept minor flaws. There were some scuff marks on the base plate and you could see some wear on the wrist strap and clip from demonstrating the watch to potential buyers. It comes with a five year warranty and two year free battery replacement service. This provided some level of comfort.

However it started losing time and the date stopped changing.  I contacted Nixon and they requested I send it to their local service department which is 3000km+ away from here. Procrastinating a while I manage to send it off in November. The downside is that they unfortunately did not notify me that they received the watch; only after I sent them an email it was confirmed. The person that communicated with me over email was extremely professional and quick to reply.

Some time passed and I had to remind them they owed me a watch, again a quick reply apologizing and confirmed the watch was mailed. For some reason the watch never arrived, soon after sending and email to them they sent back a short message – “Apologies for the inconvenience a brand new watch has been shipped and will reach you within a day. “

I received my new Nixon watch as promised and looks better than the old one… scuff free and pristine!  I can recommend their products; the quality and workmanship that is backed by the 5 year warranty should say it all.