The Blue-ray Problem

This was sent to me by friend, he recieved it by email. I feel this is a very good post for those struggling to make a choice on a BlueRay (BD) Player.

It’s a known fact that the Sony Playstation 3 is the best value for money when it comes to BD players. It supports the latest version of the BD Software Version 2.0 and software upgrades are regular. Then not to mention everything else it can do. Besides this there are still people(you know who you are :) ), that  think getting a stand-alone player will suffice. This is what level of quality to expect:

This both an accounting of experience and a warning away from a vendor.

I recently purchased 2 Samsung Blu-Ray DVD players: a BD-P2500, and a

BD-P1500.  Both have Internet connections for firmware updates and Blu- Ray

Live.  The BD-P2500 also supports live streaming of Netflix content.

A couple of days after Christmas, the 2500 froze up.  I could not get it to

respond to anything, including the factory reset code.  I contacted Samsung

and was given information to send the player in for service.  They’ve had it

for nearly 2 weeks with a status of “waiting for parts.”  It has now been

broken longer than it was working.

The 1500 came up with a message on Thursday that a firmware update was

available.  So, I initiated the download.  It went without error, according

to the display.  After completion, it too was dead in the water — no

response to anything.  So, I called Samsung again.  The problem was

escalated in customer service.  This is what I got told:

1) There was a bad update put on the servers, and many players that got the

download have frozen up.

2) They do not have a fix for it at the current time and do not know when

one will be available.

3) I should check their WWW site once a week to see when an update is

available.  ”It should almost certainly be within a month.”

4) Even though it is their fault for putting up a bad firmware update, if I

am required to send in the player, it is out of warranty for service so

it is my own expense.

I wonder how many other people around the world are stuck with

non-functional players and a vague answer about the fix?  And the best they

can do is have me check the WWW site once a week to see when they are ready

for me to pay to install a fix to a problem they caused in the first place.

What crock!

Needless to say, I will probably not buy another Samsung product.  You might

want to consider this as a big red flag in your own purchasing decisions –

the risk of bad updates and really bad customer service.