The Big Picture

Not much to say over the past few weeks, I guess service is at a bearable standard. I was real sick during this time, I tried to pin it to a food poisoning incident but couldn’t.
I did buy a new gadget, overhead High Definition Projector (Mitsubishi HC5500), this is after years of looking into “it”.
Very happy with the product however the guys I bought it from could have showed better understanding to the fact that people will always purchase the cheapest out there.
I shopped around and found that I paid just over $200 more that the cheapest retailer in Australia. So mentioning this to them they said “Well, that’s the best we can do”. I accepted as the other unit would have been shipped and the instant satisfaction of getting it now was worth the extra dollars.
Only after I paid they guy went off, well you really got a good deal here. There is now way I would of given you such I discount. I confronted him with the fact that they are not that well priced compared to other in this market, which he just ignored and said, “still would not do it”. I got my projector and left.

Part two, I accepted the projector rip off and gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back to talk cables and screens. A really well informed guy helped me out, even offered to come over to my place assist with the install. He gave me some good tips which will save me money. I needed a 15m + HDMI cable to connect the projector to my PlayStation3, as this cable will set me back $300+ I decided to go for a HDMI over RJ45 (Network Cable Extension) system. This was quoted at $349, I decided to go for it. Long story short, the RJ45 adapters did not work on Full HD 1080p.
I returned to the store three days later, ready to launch a full scale attack on the person that will be assisting me, well to my surprise and compliments to the store without any argument they refunded me.

They are not well priced but remember, you get what you pay for.
Check them out, “The Big Picture People”