The Apple iPod HIFI

About a year or so ago I was looking to buy the Apple iPod HiFi only to find that Apple stopped making them in 2007. I looked all over to see if someone in a small town will still have old stock sitting on a shelf, with no luck. Ever so often I will check on ebay, most of them for sale in the US and selling for more than what they sold for new. So this weekend I visited a friend at a Mall about 40min drive, after we had coffee I walked through the tech section of the resident department store. There it was, the last one, Apple iPod HiFi. Asked the attendant do they have more, obviously not, she said its an ex demo model. I’ll have to take it as is, no box, accessories or remote control. It too sustained some damage with all the store patron’s using it, there are two plastic pins on the adapter that goes into the iPod. The one pin is gone. They wanted $250 for it, I tried getting a better deal as it clearly shows the damage. She said she will have to ask he manager who said they have to test it first and then we can talk price. So I left waiting for them to give me a call.

They never called as expected so I called them, they guy said “yeah it works”, so in my car on my way to pick it up. Got there, this guy found the box, dock adapters and the remote. So I asked about the price, explaining that I will have to pay to get the damage repaired. Again the manager will need to approve any discounts and she is not in until later that week. I decided to take it for $250 as the trouble to getting to the same mall will be a pain and definitely worth more than the extra +/- $20 off. After removing about 10 Security Stickers he rang it up for $235.17! Got it home, cleaned it up and works a treat!

So as a Apple fan I would like my Apple products to be pristine and completely problem free. I need to get that broken pin fixed. I called my Apple dealer they looked on the parts price-list and the complete unit is seen as a part. So I cannot replace just that component. And that will set me back $350… So for now I will just keep it as is… works perfectly fine with my 4th Generation iPod.

Link to the Official Apple Site: Click Here