Laptop or iPad?

Few clients ask me what should they get, they had their mind on a Laptop but not sure if they should look at an iPad. First question I ask is what will they do with the computer. If the reply is browse the web, read my email and do a few documents here and there an iPad is the answer. If you don’t need to do advanced document authoring, heavy video editing or manage large volumes of files an iPad is perfect. I have put this list together for a client who went through this process to help her choose the best accessories for use with the iPad. Her requirements are working on an occasional document which will sync using Google Drive and then browsing the internet, watching online streaming content.

To start with you need to choose an iPad;

  • iPad - here is a link to the Apple Online Store, you can have a look at the different models and what they do. Also a reference for Recommended Retail pricing. Apple Website
  • KeyBoard Options:
  • In Australia best bet is a Telstra SIM for LTE Coverage, you can get this from any Tesltra Store, just walk in and ask for the an iPad SIM. This will cost you $30 for the SIM Starter Pack which will give you 30 Days and 3GB of data. Great way to see how you will use the iPad and how much data you will need. More details on the iPad SIM
  • Apps you would want to get when the iPad arrives
    • Pages (MS Word for iPad) Link to app store…
    • Number (MS Excel for iPad) Link to app store…
    • Google Drive - This will help you sync your documents with the iPad. Google Drive also have a Word processor built in and you might not need to get Pages and Numbers at the start. More Info…
    • DropBox - Alternative way to get your documents onto the iPad [More Info…](]
    • Managing files on the iPad, free app called Documents
    • To get photos onto the iPad when traveling you can get the iPad USB Camera Adapter or the Lighting to SD Card Reader This will allow you to connect you camera and import the photos to the Photos App on the iPad.
    • For News there is The Age App however they started charging a subscription on some comment so I stopped using it as there are better sources of news online. Try FlipBoard App and Zite App. Zite is my primary news app, it learns what you like and dislike. So if you are not a sports fan no sports news unlike newspapers that want to you go through all that unwanted content.
    • Reading Books get the Amazon Kindle App, the books are more affordable and you get more content on Amazon. However there is the iBook Store where you can purchase iBooks which are feature rich books with Video and Animations. I user both.

Ultimately the iPad is not a Laptop, and you will not be able to everything with it. For example if you don’t have a Wireless (WiFi) connection iCloud backups will not work. If you want to download AudioBooks or Apps larger than 50MB you cannot do so without a Wireless Connection. Hopefully these issues will be fixed in the near future with data pricing on the decline.