Scalable, Secure Wireless Solutuion

Aerohive’s award-winning technology brings together all of the enterprise-class features, as well as the management, mobility, and security needed by organizations of all sizes today. The cloud-enabled, distributed network access solutions and applications deliver the functionality and performance required in the enterprise – without the cost and complexity of a controller-based solution.



Aerohive Insight provides a set of powerful APIs that enable retail customers, education organizations and enterprises to leverage their Wi-Fi network data through customized applications and networking integrations. This results in new business intelligence, reduced cost, increased revenue and improved user experiences. Insight includes APIs for presence, location, monitoring, identity and configuration to support a broad range of applications and use cases.

  • Presence and Location APIs : The location APIs enable a variety of use cases relevant to retail and enterprise customers. Example uses include heat maps that show where in stores customers spend more time, or how many customers are present in stores over the course of a day. This data can be used to optimize staff presence, shorten queuing time or analyze repeat visit patterns of known customers. Another example are time-and-attendance applications that analyze presence of employees inside a corporate building.
  • Monitoring APIs : Monitoring APIs include a robust set of functionality that will be especially useful to SPs/MSPs and large enterprises. Use cases include integration of Aerohive Wi-Fi network data into consolidated management systems that aggregate data from multiple networks and/or customers; or the creation of customized, role-based dashboards so that the relevant information is presented for different user groups. As an example, the marketing and IT departments in a retail corporation require different views of network data.
  • Big Data Platform : A state-of-the-art Big Data platform ensures that network data can be collected, analyzed and shaped through APIs that support customers’ and developers’ current and future needs. Powerful processing pipelines facilitate aggregation of Aerohive network data, enabling the platform to provide unified access to all of the Insight APIs. This ensures complete flexibility in the analysis of data for our customers.
  • Developer Enablement: A comprehensive program supports our development partners so that they can fully leverage the APIs and shorten time-to-deployment of their applications and system integrations. Our developer portal lets partners access the APIs, documentation and sample code. Support for development partners is also provided through the portal. In addition, Aerohive provides reference applications, to illustrate sample use cases and speed up development time.

Flexible Hardware Options

Aerohive offers a wide variety of wireless access points which can be suited for any implementation. 

  • AP150W: The AP150W is the industry’s only wallplate 3x3:3 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi Access Point and wired Switch cloud-managed by Aerohive’s next-generation HiveManager NG. It delivers high performance wireless data rates up to 1.3 Gbps, integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ZigBee for IoT connectivity, and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that can also power VoIP phones, IoT sensors, and cameras. 
  • AP550: The AP550 is an excellent choice to provide instant adaption to ever-changing capacity and density needs. AP550 features 4x4:4 MU-MIMO with aggregate data rates up to 3.5 Gbps per access point. Software configurable radio allows IT managers to enable dual 5 GHz 802.11ac performance on both radios to provide the best of coverage and capacity Wi-Fi design and maximize ROI. Built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio enables proximity, indoor location tracking, and other location-based mobile engagement services.
  • AP1130 (Outdoor): The AP1130 is a durable, enterprise-grade, high performance product, designed for high bandwidth outdoor wireless environments. With extended temperature range and a watertight chassis, the AP1130 can provide gigabit speeds to almost any outdoor environment on earth.

Getting Started

Contact us to get started with a free evaluation, we can setup an Access point and provide an overview of the Aerohive HiveManager interface. While you experience the wireless access and reporting we will work on a site survey to exactly plan your new network.